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Dato' Zulazlan Bin Abu Hassan

Peace be upon you and please to meet you. First of all I would like to thank all of you for visiting the Official Portal of the Perak State Financial Office Darul Ridzuan .

Effective service, in turn, relies on the ability to perform tasks in line with current developments and the field of information and multimedia technology has provided a new way of accomplishing tasks. Realizing the importance of fully utilizing the use of information technology, the Perak State Finance Office has created this official Portal to provide a more effective delivery system.

The portal aims to provide information that is closely related to financial management, especially in terms of legislation, regulations and procedures adopted at the state level. The portal also explains the objectives, mission, quality policy, customer charter and a few other things about the Perak State Finance Office.

In addition, information required by the clients of this department whether from the public, department or private sector is also provided. The development of this Portal also meets the criteria required by the Malaysian Digital Economy (MDEC) and is constantly updated. It is my hope that the information obtained will benefit the department's customers.

Thank you.

Dato' Zulazlan Bin Abu Hassan, DPMP, PMP, PPT.
State Finance Officer 
Perak Darul Ridzuan.