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(i) Perak State Government Act 1948, Section XXXVIc (1) provides:"The office of the Secretary of State, the State Legal Advisor and the State Financial Officer shall be established and the appointment of such posts shall be made by the relevant Service Commission from the members of any relevant public service".(ii) Section 2 (c) stipulates that "the State Financial Officer shall be the principal officer responsible for the financial management of the State".

(iii) With the above provisions, the Perak State Financial Office was established and responsible for managing the financial affairs of the State in accordance with the Financial Events Act 1957, Treasury Instructions, Circulars and Treasury Circulars.

(iv) Perak State Finance Office Darul Ridzuan is headed by YB State Finance Officer with the assistance of Deputy State Finance Officer, State Treasurer, three Assistant Chief Financial Officers, two Assistant State Financial Officers, 1 Assistant Treasurer, 1 Information System Officer and about 75 members of the support group as shown in the Perak Darul Ridzuan State Financial Office Organization Chart.